About me

MZD = Mircea Zagrean

I’m a self-taught product designer based in London driven by the heart of a creative but grounded by the mind of an engineer. Turning complex processes into simple, meaningful and engaging experiences is what I do. My hybrid background in product thinking, UX design and visual allows me to create memorable experiences through functional and beautiful interfaces.

For the past 11 years, I've worked with a large variety of clients from all around the world and have been involved in different projects from small apps to corporate level, from idea validation to prototype through to launch.

My job is to bring products to life. Merge client and strategic requirements and transform them into user centred experiences. I get to influence what products are, become and the way they are built.

I believe that empathy and collaboration are key to creating great products & experiences and trust that a good process will always lead to good outcomes.

My background in computer engineering gives me the ability to understand the impact of my design decisions and gives me a wide perspective over the whole lifecycle of a project.

Core Strengths: Design Thinking, User Experience Design, UX Research, Interaction Design, IA, Wireframeing, Prototyping, User Interface Design, Responsive, Usability, User-Centred Design, Design Sprint

Fluent in:Sketch, XD, inVision, Origami, Framer, Zeplin, XHTML5, CSS3, Javascript, jQuerry, PHP, Wordpress, After Effects

#travel #motorcycle #bikelife #ski #sci-fi #zombies #rollerblade #experience #design #tinker #psychology #technology

" Push the extra mile to turn good into great"

My process

  • Research

    We strategise, conceptualise and experiment together. You know your industry inside out and I know mine, so we share knowledge and guidance in both directions.

  • Prototype

    I turn ideas into prototypes and visuals based on what we learn. This is a fast paced phase full of sketches and wireframes where ideas blossom and fade.

  • Test

    We need to test our theories and educated guesses with real users to gather feedback on the user experience as early and as frequently as possible.

  • Iterate

    Back to the drawing board. It's not something bad. It's just about making it better. So we analyse data, learn, discuss, adjust and iterate until we find the best solutions.


Want to start something amazing?

I'm always looking for the chance to work on innovative and ambitious projects and products

mircea@mirceazagrean.com +44 793 340 5388

Please keep in mind that this website is still under development. X